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Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Everything you need to help students learn. Interactive textbook, lecture slides, assignments and more—all on one platform.

Textbooks alone are not effective

Top Hat Intro Courses seamlessly combine interactive textbooks, lectures, quizzes and assignments to deliver the most comprehensive teaching experience ever—all on one platform.

Know where your students are struggling before class starts

  • Deploy interactive readings and assignments and check for completion before class begins
  • Identify challenging concepts via automated student progress reports
  • Save time on course prep with pre-built lecture slides—make informed adjustments to upcoming classes with simple authoring and editing tools

Create an engaging in-class environment

  • Leverage students’ devices to take attendance, launch discussions and administer questions
  • Gauge student understanding on the spot and course-correct in real time to reinforce difficult concepts
  • Enjoy improved engagement levels—every student can participate and have a voice

Keep the learning going

  • Provide pre-made chapter summaries and expansive study guides to reinforce concepts
  • Take advantage of pre-built assignments that are automatically graded
  • Use student progress reports to intervene with those who are struggling
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Anatomy and Physiology in Context textbook is only

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It includes:
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  • Lifetime access to the Anatomy and Physiology in Context textbook
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*Compared to Pearson Human Anatomy & Physiology, 11th Edition Marieb & Mastering

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Why this works for anatomy and physiology

A conventional introductory anatomy and physiology course is difficult to teach in an effective and engaging way—it can be challenging for students to understand the intricacies of the brain and spinal cord or the function of the organ systems with flat images in lectures and print textbooks. 

Through interactive exercises, simulations and videos, Top Hat Intro Course for Anatomy and Physiology encourages students to understand, retain and apply the science of the human body in a classroom setting. 

Everything in this course

Anatomy and Physiology in Context Redden & Crivello et al.

  • Complex 3D anatomy models help students visualize the structures and tissues of the human body
  • Case studies from practicing physicians provide concrete clinical applications
  • Fully customizable textbook fits any professor’s needs

Instructor Guide

  • In-depth guide helps professors prepare for class

Pre-Built Assessments and Resources

  • Quizzes, midterms and a 700+ question test bank with auto-grading capabilities allow for frequent assessments
  • Pre-made lecture slides and in-class polls, discussion questions and activities help with class prep
  • Anti-cheating technology assists in administering tests and midterms

Student-Friendly Learning Tools

  • Rollover definitions help students learn A&P terminology
  • End-of-chapter summaries support student retention
  • Included student guides help learners prepare for final exams

Student Insight Reports

  • Weekly reports on student performance provide professors with a comprehensive view of every student’s progress

LMS Compatibility

  • Import grades easily to your learning management system

Top Hat’s interactive textbook has been a great feature in my class. Many students have voiced that they really like the embedded questions, because it allows them to test their knowledge as they progress through a chapter.”

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