Top Hat Feature

In-Class Discussions

Foster community in your class

Keep students engaged in class meetings with live chat functionality integrated directly into the virtual lecture experience. Allow learners to discuss topics and concepts with their peers, professors and teaching assistants and offer discussion questions that can be graded.


Give students the tools to collaborate and participate

Housed in the same browser window as your video stream, live chat lets students connect with you and their peers during online classes. Easily moderate chat threads by replying to specific questions and muting participants when necessary. Plus, assign discussion questions that encourage critical thinking and provide insight into what students are learning outside of class. 


Take control of your learning

React to material in real time to replicate the experience of an in-person class, online. Flag your professor in the live chat when something is unclear. Upvote questions from peers for greater visibility, respond in real time or use emojis to provide your own reactions and feedback.

“I use Top Hat primarily for discussions and questions to review material that I had just covered. I have also noticed more participation in class; my students love being able to use their smartphones.”

Your all-in-one teaching solution

Live chat and discussions are part of Top Hat’s active learning platform, enabling professors to teach with engaging content, tools and activities in virtual, blended or face-to-face classrooms.